Machine Condition Monitoring


¨ increases profitability

¨ is a proactive maintenance system

¨ maximises labour efficiency

¨ allows for accurate prediction of machine conditions

¨ is suitable for all rotating machines

Lost production due to machinery failure and the resulting costly, unbudgeted repairs can have a serious effect on profitability.  Leading manufacturing and industrial service companies the world over are turning in increasing numbers to proactive maintenance systems and their associated technologies to keep their equipment in production between planned maintenance periods maximising throughput, maximising labour efficiency and maximising profits.  Proactive maintenance is being adopted as ‘best practice’ and becoming a crucial part of integrated management services.

Proactive maintenance allows for accurate prediction of potentially disastrous failures and their cure in time.  Machinery condition is monitored on a regular basis, ensuring that problems are readily detectable and can be evaluated whilst the equipment is still running.

Vibration analysis, suitable for virtually all rotating equipment, is the single most effective element of a proactive maintenance system and is now available and accessible to a wider range of users than ever before.



· Vibration Analysis

Reports will be delivered within 4 working days of the completion of the on-site work. 

The vibration spectra collected is: velocity, peak view and acceleration

· Electric Motor Flux

This is a non-intrusive technique for detecting the most common electric motor electrical faults.

· Temperature

All belt drive machines will have the temperature of the bearings nearest the pulleys monitored.  This is an invaluable tool for detecting over-tensioned belts

· Oil Analysis

The chemical analysis will be done using SGS Oil Research Laboratories in Perth and we will correlate the results with the Vibration Analysis

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